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We have prepared this accessibility page so that additional information is available to those who need it.  If there’s any further information you require, please feel free to contact using the contact form which is at the bottom of the page.

Images of our space.




Inside Silk - lighting, decor and fabrics.

Silk Treatments - consent, inclusivity and trauma.

Wheelchair access and dimensions.

Covid precautions and safety.

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Silk is located at 3 Queens Place, BN1 4JY.   Please be aware that there is another Queens Place in Hove.  Please make sure that if you are accessing maps, you are using our postcode and that you are heading to Queens Place in Brighton.  We are in the city centre near The Level.


Coming from Brighton station.

Follow the wooden walkway alongside the tracks to the “back entrance” of the station.  As you exit the station building on, on your right is a coffee shop and bike hub.  Go passed this and take the steps down on your right.  At the bottom of the steps, cross over.  you will now stand between two residential buildings on Fenchurch Walk.  Straight ahead of you is a slope down into a square where you will see a Sainsbury’s on the left.  go passed this and on to Ann St.  Continue down this and you will emerge on to London Road.  A cash converters shop will be on the left and a costa coffee will be on the right.  Cross the road and you will see a Co-Op, A Nando’s, A Starbucks etc.  Turn right and walk passed these shops.  You will pass a Taco Bell and immediately after on the left, a colourful street with big murals painted on the building walls.  Go down here and at the end turn right.  you will see Silk immediately to opposite you with a Pride Flag flying outside, 


Coming from London road.  STEP FREE ROUTE.

Beginning from St Peter’s church at the intersection between York Place and London Road, walk passed Hobgoblin onto London road. On the left side of the road is an Aldi.  Cross here on to the right sight of the road.  You will see Queens Place right there just before the McDonald’s.  Walk down here.  On the left of the road you will see a residential street.  Silk is at the end of this street - you will see our Pride Flag!


Coming from North Laine.  STEP FREE ROUTE.

walk north on Sydney Street towards Gloucester Place, going past Beyond Retro and The Flour Pot Bakery.  Keep going onto you reach Trafalgar Street.  turn right down Trafalgar Street and walk down passed Pretty Vacant and Pelham Square.  Keep going until you come out onto London Road.   St Peter’s Church is in front of you to the left.  Turn left and walk along London Road - you will pass Moksha cafe, Carlito Burrito and Meat Liquor.  On the corner of Hobgoblin, cross over.  You will see Queens Place just before the McDonald’s.  Walk down here.  On the left of the road you see a residential street.  silk is at the end of this street - you will see our Pride Flag!


Arriving by car / parking.

For directions using maps apps enter our postcode BN1 4JY.  Unfortunately we do not have parking outside of our venue but the closest car parks are as follows:

An underground car park is available at the local Sainsbury’s. For step-free access from the Sainsbury’s car park, there is an inclined moving walkway that takes you from the car park to the main entrance of the store.

Brighton Station

Brighton Station has multiple disabled parking spaces and free parking for Blue Badge holders. 


Arriving by bus:

The nearest bus stops to silk are situation on London Road.  You can ride the following Brighton buses to us: 025, 17, 273, 5 and 5A.


The stop name closest to us is: St Peters Church.


Arriving by train:

The closest station to us is Brighton train station. We are about 15 minutes walk from there. 

Inside Silk

Silk is decorated with neutral colours through out and uses minimalist furniture to create open and bright spaces.


We use low lighting through out which is adaptable with dimming switches, salt lamps and electric candles.


All rooms have a basket of fidget and stim toys available to clients. 


The heating in all the rooms is adaptable and can be increased or decreased. 


All rooms have blinds.


All  rooms have access to a variety of different sized blankets and linens for different body shapes and sizes, should you feel you would like to be covered.


All rooms have access to different sizes bolsters.

Silk treatments 

All practitioners at Silk are specially selected to ensure they work to the high level of LGBTQ+ inclusivity which we expect. Many of us have this as our key specialism. We don't allow anyone to practice in Silk without solid evidence of and commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Further to this, all practitioners at Silk have access to LGBTQ+ specialist healthcare training.

Nobody has to remove any items of clothing which they don’t feel comfortable doing so.


Nobody has to be touched anywhere they don’t feel comfortable being touched.


Consent will discussed thoroughly during consultation and we use active consent through out all our treatments.


Wellbeing practices should be open to everyone and it is never too much trouble to adapt something to make it more accessible for you.  Extra cushions? Sure.  Bigger blanket?  Done.  Step free access?  Right this way.

Part of inclusivity is ensuring our massage beds are suitable for lots of different peoples bodies, regardless of shape and size.  All our massage beds have a minimum width of 71cm (and length of 211cm.  Their maximum weight capacity is 35 stone.

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Wheelchair accessibility and space dimensions.

Our entrance has large double reception front doors which can open out.  With one single door open, the width of the doorway is 77.3cm.  With both double doors open, the width is 1.5.m


When you arrive at Silk, there is a lowered doorbell for wheelchair users.  This lets us know someone is outside who may need the double doors opening and the ramp brought out.


Reception is deliberately left open and free of excessive furniture so that there is space for mobility devices.


Wheelchairs and mobility are also able to enter our accessible studio space.  The door width into the step free studio space is 79.3.


Whilst our bathroom isn’t big enough to be classed as a disabled bathroom, we have worked to make it as accessible as possible. 


Dimensions at a glance:

Front door width:    77.3 cm single doors. 1.5m double doors. 

Studio door width:  79.3 cm

Bathroom door width:  78.7cm 

Height of sink:  72.1cm 

Height of toilet: 41.5

Bathroom dimensions: door to wall is 87.7cm, toilet to cabinet wall is 1m



Reception dimensions:  Widest point: 1.8 metres from seat to wall.  Shortest point: 1.5 metres from seat to wall.

Height of seating:  49.0cm

Studio dimensions: 9.4m x 3.1m

Covid precautions and safety

All spaces are ventilated and cleaned between treatments.


We have hand sanitiser in all the rooms which is yours to use.


Masks are available to all who enter and you can request your practitioner to mask during treatment.


If you feel more comfortable masking during your treatment then this is also fine and your treatment will be adapted around this.


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