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Come. Join us. 

As a wellbeing space centering LGBTQ+ needs, Silk believes in only platforming LGBTQ+ inclusive practitioners. We believe that whilst we can give priority to those from our community who may otherwise struggle to gain recognition, there is also space for the strongest and most active of allys who stand up for our values.   We believe this is essential to not only providing inclusive wellbeing support but is a key part of creating a safe environment.  We have a core team of resident practitioners but are always on the look out for incredible new people to bring into our space. This can be as a resident practitioner, a pop up practitioner, or as a workshop facilitator.  If this is you and you would like to be part of Silk, we have an application form below.  Please fill out the boxes to the best of your ability and tell us why you feel your work belongs at Silk.  

Come Work With Us

Resident Practitioner: someone who works set days and hours at our space. You could provide 1-2-1 appointments or group classes.

Pop Up Practitioner: someone who comes in to do a one time event and share their magic with our community.

Workshop practitioner: Someone who leads a specific workshop regularly.

What would you like to do at Silk?
Preferred mode of contact:

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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